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Our eco-friendly 3D "I'm Unique" affirmation tabletop/shelf decor enhances any space. Crafted from sustainable materials, this versatile piece is perfect for a child's room or study desk. Its simple yet impactful design features bold, raised text that inspires confidence and positivity. Available in various vibrant colors, it complements any age group's style or decor.


More than just a decoration, this piece is a daily reminder of courage and self-belief. Whether placed on a shelf, desk, or bedside table, it is a constant source of inspiration.


Boosts Self-Confidence
: Reinforces the value of individuality.
Encourages Positivity: Promotes a mindset of self-acceptance and gratitude.
Reduces Stress: Alleviates pressure to conform, fostering authenticity.
Inspires Creativity: Encourages innovative thinking and self-expression.
Promotes Resilience: Provides strength during challenging times.
Enhances Personal Growth: Inspires continuous self-discovery and development.
Fosters Inclusivity: Celebrates uniqueness and promotes acceptance.


Incorporate the "I'm Unique" quote into your daily routine for a constant source of motivation and confidence.

Affirmation -I m Unique - 3d table top / shelf decor

Sales Tax Included


  • Size 7 by4'' approx

    Materail : Eco friendly - PLA 


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