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Meet The Team

What you focus on Grows!

About Decography

Decography is a Mumbai based company established in 2013 with a thought of providing home decor products that are customized to the interiors of a person's space. 


In the initial years we were into doing a lot of home decor items and over the years we have created our niche of catering only to the wall. Everything that can be called as a wall decor ignites our interest. 


We have never had anything like a standard size or design - our products are all made to order and made in all possible sizes. 

Today we have completed 10 years and are more focused on creating meaningful wall decor. We are strong believers of sub conscious mind and walls are a way to pass on these messages to the whole family. Making cute pretty wall decor is one thing and creating a masterpiece that also works at a subconscious level is deeper. We as a team have been focused into creating an experience for every client that comes our way. Most of our clients are either repeat or are via referral. 


As a team, we all are very close to nature. We love the sun and the aura that colors the sun creates. We believe the rising sun is the solution to everything , whether it's for making a good quality product or if it's about taking good photos. Rising sun has a deeper connect with the human mind and even for healing. 


Our home, our workspace - are the places we spend maximum time in and that vibe that it creates is very important. 


We have a vision to create walls that will work as a therapy to the people living in them, talk more about who they are or remind them of the roots that they belong to. 


In the near future we are looking at expanding our talents to creating masterpieces that will be conversation starter for any space



Neesshi Oza 

Born and bought up in Mumbai, I m a BMM graduate. I have worked for a almost a decade for Television industry. To be precise I got trained by the best - Balaji Telefilms as a Creative Director. 

The switch has been gradual where i realized how much i love the idea of a space speaking about who you are - I learnt this on the job, On daily basis we would work on various set ups keeping in mind the traits of the character. I have deep inclination towards real people and their experiences  of life.

I have even designed Homes, holiday homes, offices , studios - you can view them on - Ozainc 

I believe , what you focus on grows! 

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-10 at 11.15.53 PM


Kripah Thanki

Based out of Mumbai, I m Fashion Graduate with an experience of 15 years plus as an Accessorize designer for various export and retail brands. At Decography , I handle production and operations. 

The past experience of detailing for accessories and working with various artist and vendors to put a design together helps me on daily basis. 

metanshi .jpeg

Graphic Desinger

Metanshi Jain

I m freelance graphic designer based out of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. I have done my Bachelors  in Visual Arts with specialisation in Applied Art from Jaipur and diploma in Advertising & Media from Mumbai.

I love all forms of art be it photograpy or even make up. 

You can view my work on Instagram @thedesignstring. 



Aaditya Chaudhry

Aaditya Choudhary, BSc IT maven on a unique odyssey—from real estate to IT, embracing a detour into the film realm. At Decography, where art meets innovation, I revel in crafting products that resonate. Unperturbed by the crowd, I find solace and joy in my work, driven by a quest for personal and organizational growth.

P.S : Aaditya is the hand and soul behind every pet face and all pet products:))



Anil Kher

Anil, born and bought up in Mumbai has learnt art by observation. He grew up in an enviroment where he was surrounded with art and he pick up. He is loves trying new finishes. He is enthusiastic , shy and hardworking.

P.S: Anil is the hand and soul behind every nameplate, photo organizer!

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