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Our eco-friendly and weatherproof 3D "I Am Creative" tabletop decor enhances any space. Crafted from sustainable materials, this versatile piece is perfect for a desk or study table. Its bold, raised text serves as a daily affirmation, inspiring creativity and innovation. Available in various vibrant colors, it complements any decor style while promoting a positive mindset.


Benefits of the "I Am Creative" Affirmation:

Boosts Creativity: Regularly seeing this affirmation encourages out-of-the-box thinking and artistic expression.
Enhances Problem-Solving: Reinforces the belief in one's creative abilities, aiding in finding innovative solutions

Promotes Positivity: Fosters a mindset of self-acceptance and confidence in one’s unique creative talents.
Reduces Stress: Provides a sense of empowerment, alleviating anxiety and pressure to conform.
Increases Motivation:Acts as a constant source of inspiration, encouraging continuous creative pursuits.
Encourages Personal Growth: Inspires self-discovery and development, allowing individuals to explore their full potential.

Incorporate the "I Am Creative" decor into your daily routine to cultivate a creative mindset and boost your confidence. Whether placed on a desk, shelf, or bedside table, it serves as a powerful reminder of your unique creative abilities.


Perfect as a gift or a personal motivational tool,  this decor piece is a beautiful and functional addition to any space.

Affirmation - I am Creative - 3d table top / shelf decor

Sales Tax Included


  • Size 10 by4'' approx

    Materail : Eco friendly - PLA 


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