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Here's to our most favorite product. Dedicating it to all the young enthusiastic parents  who love to click their growthing babies.


My first year organizer will not only add to nursery / playroom decor but will also help child recognize themself as a tiny baby to fully grown ones. It will give them sense that we all grow up.


This could be a great gift for baby shower too. Trust us, today all parents love to click their babies at every month. And this is the best way to have all the pictures in real verus keeping them only in the phone.


This board is in two different sizes and fitting of photos - one has photo grids easy to keep it clean and other doesnt have photo grids and photos will have to be stuck with double tape - its made for people who dont want to have photo grids.

Size of both boards is different . One is 15.5'' * 20'' and other  is 20'' * 29'. Both are made of mdf. Its light in weight and comes with two hooks to hang. 


Its a made to order product , order it well in advance. Takes about 10 to 12 working days for dispatch. 


These are hand made products and a light varration in color is possible. 


P.S : Photo printing and fitting in the organizer is complimentary, you need to email them with in 24 hours of placing order on along with order number. 



Customized My first year photo organizer

Feb 2024
  • Material : MDF + Arylic

    Size : 20'' * 29''

    Fitting : Hooks to hang

    Photo Fitting - square



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