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How to choose a perfect color for a nameplate?

All of us are aware that a name plate is the first impression of any place. While choosing a nameplate most of us are always focusing on matching it with décor.

What we miss out on- is the fact that NAME PLATE plays more important role than just playing a piece of Décor.

Name Plate helps opportunities to find its way to you. The colors we choose play a very important role in setting the vibe / energy of the space.
WHITE COLOR - Peace & Harmony.

White color represents heaven. Its is true balance of all colors. When you create a name plate in white color you are consciously inviting peace and harmony in life. White color also refreshes and balances life.

BROWN COLOR - Stability & Reliability.

Brown color represents Mother Earth. It stands for strength, reliability, security, safety. It provides a base for growth like Mother Earth. However only brown color would also lead feeling of loneliness, sadness, isolation for eg - barren desert land. Its important to balance a brown with bright & vibrant colors.

GREEN COLOR - abundance & opportunities.

Green Color represents nature, it has a calming effect. It is associated with health, growth, & prosperity. It is said to attract abundance. Green color is derived from blue and yellow and hence has properties of both colors - energizing yet relaxing.

BLUE COLOR - freedom & imagination

Green Color represents Ocean - Sky, it is known to have calming and relaxing effect. It stands for depth, freedom, open space, trust, faith, imagination. It is said to attract stability and hence a lot of big brands use it in their logo.


Hi , I m Neesshi Oza founder of Decography. I m a BMM graduate with over a decade of experience of working with Television as a Creative Director. I consciously to choose to move into doing up / styling spaces. I m a firm believer of 'our thoughts create our reality.' There are multiple ways one can train a subconscious mind. Your home is a place where you spend maximum time and its a place that helps you to unwind and grow. What you put up on your walls can have a big impact on your thoughts. We are the only brand which create curate customized meaningful wall décor. To know more drop in a message or email us - 9769967098 /


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