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Learn more about the two wall decor finishes available!

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

We are frequently asked by clients what is the difference between two types of finishes that are available - Matt Glass / MDF

Matt Glass is a regular framing with a Matt glass finishes, it usually turns out expensive as compared to MDF. While MDF art frames look like clean thin slates which can be pasted on any wall or you can hang them on textured walls. These are our personal favourite as they look different than they regular frames.

In terms of quality, both are equally good and durable. If you choose Matt glass as an option we can give you various coloured frames around the artwork where as for MDF there will always be black rim for finishing.

Can we customise the word?


Can we make a few changes in the existing layout?


Can we buy just one frame from this layout?



Photos share by our happy customers , the one with 3D letter A is MATT Glass finish, and the one with no 3D word is MDF! Like we said both look beautiful!

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