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Introducing our latest addition to our Wall Decor collection - Affirmations for toddler - I am Grateful. Instill the importance of gratitude in your little ones with these colorful and simple affirmations. Gratitude has been proven to increase happiness and positivity, and what better way to start them young than with these empowering words. Help build their subconscious mind with positive reinforcement and watch them grow into confident and grateful individuals. Remember, your words and thoughts create your reality, so start them off on the right foot with these beautiful affirmations.


Its in size of 12  * 3  inches which makes it easy to read the text everyday to them.

You can place this on a desk/ shelf or hook it on wall.


Its a very good gift to give and surly make mark on the child's growth. 


Affirmations for toddler - I am Grateful

Sales Tax Included


  • A must for your toddlers room/ reading corner.

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